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Clouded Sight Pictures


Since their leader Petran died, the Guild of Dream Finders have been timid, and their
ancient craft has fallen into disrepute. Petran's son Antyr, young, grief stricken and only part trained, could not begin to fill the vacuum left by his father. Increasingly he has become a bitter spectator, with neither the cynicism to become rich by pandering to the whims of the wealthy, nor the courage to offer them his skills honestly and without fear. His nightly visits to the
alehouse have resulted in a dwindling of his
customers, and the quarrels with his strange Companion have grown increasingly
unpleasant. Then mysteriously one night, Antyr is taken to Duke Ibris of the City of Serenstad, who has been troubled by mystifying and unsettling dreams. It is the beginning of a journey that leads inexorably to a terrible
confrontation with a malevolent blind man
possessed of a fearful otherworldly sight, and Ivaroth, a warrior chief determined to conquer the Duke's land and all beyond...


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
David Christopher-Turner 1st Feature
David Christopher-Turner
Alex De Luca
Executive Producer
Claire Cooper-King, David Keogh, Mark Hindman-Smith
David Christopher-Turner
David Christopher-Turner
Director of Photography
Jack Eaton
Production Designer
David Christopher-Turner
Kaan Kurt
Michael Bell
Principal Cast
Ash Preston, David Macey, Mark Hindman-Smith, Craig Edwards
Costume Design
Heidi Harper
Makeup Dept
Isabella Larter, Edith Simon, Hayley Young
Production Manager
Claire Cooper-King
Assistant Directors
Claire Coper-King, Alex De Luca, David Keogh
Camera Operator
Stephen Armourae
Still Photographer
Aiden Carr
Floor Runner
Thalia Macey

Production status


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Last updated 11th April 2016

Production Company

Clouded Sight Pictures
David Christopher-Turner