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Dreaming of Joseph Lees


Somerset, 1958. Twenty year-old Eva fantasises about travel, painting, devouring classic works of literature and being adored by Joseph Lees, the second cousin she fell in love with as a girl. Joseph, who she has not seen in four years, is the only member of Eva's family who has managed to break away from the deadening domestic cycle. He was recently terribly injured in a quarry accident and Eva secretly imagines herself helping him through his suffering. She manages to conceal her obsession from everyone except her fascinated sister Janie who, at 12 years-old, is already an inveterate meddler.

Reality, however, is a long way from Eva's dreams. Her artistic endeavours are confined to a drawing class; she works for a pittance in a dirty sawmill and is responsible for running her father's house. She is also slowly being seduced by local pig farmer, Harry Flyte, a charming, handsome and devilishly persistent lad determined to win her over.

Harry's sister, Maria, has an interest in seeing her brother settle down as it will give her the freedom to chase men and do as she pleases. Eva surrenders to the sibling's joint pressure, convinces herself that she is in love, and moves in with Harry. All is well until a family gathering brings back all Eva's buried feelings for her cousin. At the wedding, Eva and Joseph cannot keep their eyes off each other. And as they dance they forget everything and everyone. When Eva goes home, determined to leave Harry, Maria tells her about his psychological damage, and leaves her terrified by the effect her desertion could have on his health. Indeed, when Harry fears he is about to lose her, he becomes irrationally jealous and self-destructive . . .


Type of film
Running Time
91 mins
35mm Kodak
Eric Styles
Mark Thomas
Executive Producer
Mark Thomas
Director of Photography
Jimmy Dibling
Principal Cast
Samantha Morton, Rupert Graves, Lee Ross, Miriam Margoyles, Frank Finlay, Nick Woodeson, Holly Aird
Screen Writer
Catherine Linstrom


Production status


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