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Essex Boys

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Paul Chedlow


Young Billy Reynolds (Charlie Creed-Miles) is hired by John Dyke (Tom Wilkinson) to dire for ex-con Jason Locke (Sean Bean). Locke's beautiful wife, Lisa (Alex Kingston), fuels his indignation that his old partners have got rich while he did time. Dyke also owes Locke a favour and agrees to a drug deal.

Billy's ability to keep his mouth shut earns him a rewarding job with Locke's 'firm'. Nicole, his girlfriend, warns him about being sucked into the criminal underworld. Billy learns that Locke is having an affair with Suzy and he becomes party to the drug deal. The pills turn out a bad batch resulting in hospitalisation of Essex clubbers, and the death of Suzy at Locke's hands in Billy's house.

Locke plots revenge on Dyke, but Dyke has plans of his own resulting in the bloody ambush of Locke and his gang in their Range Rover. With Locke dead, Dyke offers Billy a new job driving Lisa. Billy learns that Lisa is sleeping with Dyke and running Jason's 'firm'. To get at Dyke's money, Lisa seduces Billy. Dyke finds out and tries to kill Billy. Billy manages to escape to Lisa's arms. Lisa, however, silently slips into the night, with the money, leaving Billy to contend with the Police.


Type of film
Running Time
104 mins
35mm Kodak
Terry Winsor
Pippa Cross
Executive Producer
Pippa Cross
Edward Mansell
Director of Photography
John Daly BSC
Ian Voigt
Colin Townes
Principal Cast
Sean Bean, Tom Wilkinson, Alex Kingston, Charlie Creed-Miles, Larry Lamb
Screen Writers
Terry Winsor, Jeff Pope


Production status


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Granada Film Limited
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Spring International
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