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Evil Aliens

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Scalleum is a remote farming island off the north coast of Wales, accessible only at low tide via a causeway know as the 'Devil's Spine'. The island is also home to an ancient stone circle known as 'Devil's Teeth'. This provides the sinister setting for the terrifying alien abduction of local farm girl Cat Williams and her hitchhiker boyfriend Angelo Jones.
'Weird Worlde' is a cable television programme that's having trouble with its ratings. Threatened with losing her job if things don't improve, presenter Michelle Fox needs to come up with something special. She puts a team together to investigate the 'Scalleum Incident'. It's an intriguing story with a twist, as Cat Williams claims not only to have been abducted by aliens but also impregnated by them. Hence the cynical television crew, accompanied by actors to stage a dramatic reconstruction and UFO expert Gavin Gorman, head off to the island. They arrive and experience the weirdness of this remote community, a farm powered by manure and some very twisted Welsh farmers.
The television crew doesn't believe a word of Cat's story, but Michelle will do anything to save her job even if she has to fake a little evidence. Tensions rise and things are about to come to a head when - the real stars arrive. They're aliens, and they aren't friendly.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Jake West
Quentin Reynolds
Executive Producer
Quentin Reynolds
Jake West
Jake West
Director of Photography
Jim Solan
Production Designer
Neil Jenkins
Richard Wells
Principal Cast
Emily Booth, Chris Adamson, Norman Lovett, Sam Butler, Tree Carr, Tim Clark, Glenn Collier, Jennifer Evans

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Falcon Media Ltd


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