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In an unknown foreign city, a young woman, Anna, is thrown onto the street, her mind full of pain and with no memory of who she is. A few miles away a man, Morgan, wakes in a cold dirty river. He also has no memory of who or where he is.

The two walk the streets, helpless and alone, trying to make sense of what is happening to them from the jumble of strange faces and voices that speak to them. Driven by nightmarish visions and attacks by hostile shadowy figures, they are suddenly thrown together when Anna is taken over by the intense pain in her head and, out of control, she unknowingly kills a man. Attempting to escape the city together and with no one else to help them they are forced to trust each other. Trust turns to something deeper, and the two feel a strong connection. A strong powerful bond, as if they already know each other.

Unknown to them, their every action is being guided and manipulated by unseen forces operating from deep within the underground of the city. Anna has been implanted with a chip that is programmed to kill. Morgan is her target. Originally kidnapped from England and their memories wiped, Anna and Morgan are actually husband and wife, and now that bond is being put to the test in a deadly experiment.

As the terrible conclusion to the experiment races closer there is a shocking secret still to be revealed. There is no escape in this dark and terrifying psychological thriller.


Type of film
Running Time
95 mins
Daniel Turner 1st Feature
UFO Pictures
UFO Pictures
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner, John Harrison
Director of Photography
Gareth Pritchard
Simon Gillman
John Rand
Principal Cast
Georgina French, John Hopkins

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