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Green Street

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Journalism student Matt Buckner (Elijah Wood) has been expelled from Harvard for a crime he didn’t commit. His promising career ended and his future looking bleak, he heads for London to seek refuge with his married sister Shannon (Claire Forlani) and her husband Steve (Marc Warren).
Steve introduces Matt to his younger brother Pete (Charlie Hunnam) and, through their friendship, Matt enters the world of football fanaticism and the secrecy and intrigue of the football firm.
Pete Dunham and his close knit group of friends make up the Green Street Elite (GSE), a hard core group of West Ham United supporters – and one of the toughest London football firms. All the football clubs have a firm and they all have one aim – to be the most feared and respected mob in the country – no matter what it takes. As Pete explains ‘West Ham’s football is mediocre, but our firm’s top notch and everyone knows it… it’s really about reputation – humiliating the other mob be beating them in a row or doing things that other firms get to hear about.’ Matt is not only drawn into the sheer excitement of the game of football itself, but also the brotherhood and loyalty of life inside the GSE. The buzz that violence brings to him produces a sense of power that he has never before experienced.


Type of film
Running Time
108 mins
Lexi Alexander 1st Feature
Lexi Alexander, Bill Allan, Patrick Aluise, Tom Hulme, Paul Schiff
Lexi Alexander, Bill Allan, Patrick Aluise, Tom Hulme, Paul Schiff
Paul Trejo ACE
Dougie Brimson, Joshua Shelov, Lexi Alexander
Director of Photography
Alexander Buono
Les Honess
Christopher Franke
Principal Cast
Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunnam, Claire Forlani, Marc Warren, Leo Gregory

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Production Company

Yank Productions Ltd.


Senator International
8666 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills
CA 90211, USA

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