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Guru in Seven

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Sanjay's an artist. He's been with his girlfriend Jill for five years. When they met it was magic. Life was gonna be a party. Now the big 3-0's looming and their relationship is sliding downhill fast. Jill wants marriage and kids. No way. Sanjay's still trying to find that elusive break. Then there's his family. He's Indian and she's black. Bad news.

Jill gives him an ultimatum: "Marry me or I'm gone." He calls her bluff and she sets off to LA for a week of sun, sea and sand. Does he give a damn? Forget it! She needs him more than . . .

Sanjay calls up an ex-girlfriend and they 'do the business'. Next day he scores again! Is God trying to tell him something? His mates love it: "Two in two days!" Now, if he can only score with five more women and make it seven in seven days he'd be a definite Guru. In fact he'd be the Guru - "the one and only." For five years Sanjay's been faithful to Jill but . . . hang on - she dumped him.

The would-be Guru launches himself into the land of muff . . . "dive, dive, dive". The days go by in a haze of sex and drugs and . . . bhangra! As the scores are notched up the old longing for Jill returns. Sanjay tries to put on the brakes but there's major money on his "seven in seven". If he backs out now, the local 'godfather' - Ram - will do him some serious damage. Ouch!

Sanjay's make or break exhibition looms. Jill's return from LA is imminent. What's the Guru gonna do?


Type of film
Running Time
107 mins
35mm Kodak
Shani Grewal
Arthur Lawrence
Executive Producer
Arthur Lawrence
Director of Photography
James Bishop
Principal Cast
Nitin Chandra Ganatra, Saeed Jaffrey, Jacqueline Pearce
Screen Writer
Shani Grewal


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Balhar Film Productions Ltd
14D Eccleston Road
London W13 0RL
Tel/ Fax: 020 8567 9117