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Halal Harry

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Cuong Dang / Tom Sullen


Amidst the chaos of 7/7, love continues to blossom. Harry, a London barman, living at home with his domineering Catholic mother, has never been lucky enough to meet 'the one', until a chance encounter brings him into contact with Aisha. She too feels a connection, but there is one problem. Her parents are strict Muslims.

Their relationship appears doomed from the start but Harry is determined to overcome any obstacles. He works his way into Aisha's family by donning a head-to-toe burka and taking lessons in Islam. Despite several appalling cultural and religious faux pas, Harry makes good progress, and with Aisha's help he gradually wins over her forbidding father.

But the hard-line neighbours are not so quick to accept him: Ghoni, the pious pillar of the community, whose devotion to Islam is second only to that for his local call-girl, Cherise, tells everyone that Harry is an infidel and has been seeing another woman!

Will Harry prove his innocence and win back the heart of the one he loves? To do so he must dare to confront the unbending, uncompromising force of extremist Islam - and his mother.


Type of film
Running Time
76 mins
Russell Razzaque 1st Feature
Sanjay Maraj
Russell Razzaque
Principal Cast
Andew McNair, Kulvinder Ghir, Nicola Duffet, Bruno Langley


Production status


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Last updated 8th November 2006

Production Company

21st February Films
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL