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High Stakes

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Gary Howell


High Stakes is Zulu meets Dusk Till Dawn: a fast paced, plot twisting, thrilling and grittily realistic vampire film.

A teenaged girl called Lydia finds a blood covered young boy on the street, and takes him home for help, where the boy viciously kills Lydia's father. Traumatised she arrives at the nearby church, where she is taken inside by the vicar, Reverend Clegg.

In an illicit gambling den, Guy, a low rent gambler gets the opportunity of his life to play a high rolling card player from London. As the game goes Guy's way, the card player and his entourage show their true colours - they are a nomadic pack of vampires, preying on society's low lifes. Guy manages to escape with his winnings, and seeks sanctuary in the same church, where he reasons the vampires will not be able to follow.

Reverend Clegg is attacked and killed by the vampire clan on the threshold of the church. The people inside the church are now under siege. The stakes are raised - if Guy is not given up, the church will be burnt to the ground by the vampire clan. Their problems multiply as the Reverend is reborn as a vampire, bezerk on the blood lust. Sanctuary isn't as safe as it used to be.


Type of film
Running Time
82 mins
Peter Ferris, Dewi Griffiths
Danny Chang
Executive Producer
Danny Chang
Taimur Khan
Michael Doyle
Director of Photography
Viv Mainwaring
Production Designer
Nick Burnell
Roger Van Koningsveldt, Dick Philip, Doug Sinclair, Paul McFadden
Danny Chang
Principal Cast
Jeff Higgins, Charlie Bird, Jason Excell, Andreas Coshia, Lewis Davies, Caroline Lees

Production status


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Last updated 22nd November 2007

Production Company

Garland Stone Productions Ltd / Danny Chang Music and Media
Danny Chang Studios
10 Beach Lane
Vale of Glamorgan CF64 1JX
South Wales

T + 44 (0)7831 554421