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Hijack Stories

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A high-octane action thriller set in the post-apartheid South African ghetto.

Through themes of racial identification and reflections on Hollywood-style violence, Hijack Stories mixes social commentary and humour while looking at the most painful and violent aspects of South African society.

Sox Moraka (Tony Kgoroge) is a talented actor and part of the rising black middle class in Johannesburg. He fled poverty in Soweto to become a well-known television personality for South Africa's new "Rainbow Nation". Sox acts and lives the part, dating his blond co-star and living in a penthouse flat in the white suburbs. While hosting music video shows, the ambitious thespian dreams of becoming an action hero - the African Wesley Snipes. The possibility of landing a role as popular TV gangster Bra Biza sends Sox back to the ghetto to rediscover his roots. Bumbling along in an unfamiliar, violent world, he meets the street-wise Grace, who introduces him to notorious gangster and old school friend Zama Zama or the General as he is endearingly tagged by his posse. The posse consists of Fly, the kamikaze getaway driver, and Joe, a disillusioned activist whose prophetic asides about South Africa's current state provide a constant morality check. They decide that Sox is truly in need of 're-education' and so begins his crash course in the seductive, yet deadly, finer points of gangster life. One terrifying night, Sox learns that gangster life isn't all game play and, as a result, each of the characters' lives will change forever.


Type of film
35mm Kodak
Oliver Schmitz
Christoph Meyer-Wiel, Philippe Guez, Nadine Marsh-Edwards (Co-Producer)
Oliver Schmitz, Derek Trigg
Oliver Schmitz
Director of Photography
Michele Amathieu
Richard Sprawkins
Martin Todsharow
Principal Cast
Tony Kgoroge, Rapulana Seiphemo, Moshidi Morsheswa


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Xenos Pictures
Contact: Nadine Marsh-Edwards
16-24 Brewery Road
London N7 9NH

T 020 7607 1600
F 020 7609 5642

Schlemmer Films
Contact: Christoph Meyer Wiel

Septieme Productions
Contact: Philippe Guez


Momentum Pictures
Contact: Alex Hamilton
184-192 Drummond Street
2nd Floor, London NW1 3HP

T 020 7391 6900
F 020 7383 0404