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"I Never Lose . . . Never."

Lucky Delon, Boxer

Lucky Delon is a prize-fighter who is approached by a gangster, BMF, to throw his next fight. Refusing to be intimidated, Lucky knocks his opponent out and skips town.

"You Want to Hide?"

Savaj, Sadist

There is no escape for Lucky when the gangster's henchmen catch up with him. Unless he makes amends by doing a hit, he is dead. As there is no alternative Lucky reluctantly agrees. He follows instructions and goes to a club, where he is rescued from a run in with two hoodlums by Harvey "The Hitman" Roach. Harvey instructs Lucky in the art of being a hitman and Lucky carries out the hit, rescuing a girl who gets caught up in the crossfire.

"Never Make Deals with the Bad Guys".

Harvey "The Hitman" Roach, Professional Killer

Once again the BMF's mob catch up with Lucky. They fight and Lucky leaves them for dead. Lucky meets up with Harvey again, who convinces him to accompany him on some "business". Lucky watches as Harvey kills a rival and gets wounded in the process and also observes Harvey deal with an unfaithful girlfriend and her lover.

"You Must Be Fu?#Ing Stupid Kid !"

Harvey "The Hitman" Roach, Professional Killer

Just as Lucky is getting used to having a hitman for a mentor, the BMF springs a new trap, turning the tables on Lucky in a violent and bloody showdown.

"Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Poor Poor Lucky !"

BMF, Gangster


Type of film
Running Time
80 mins
16mm Kodak
Roberto Roarke 1st Feature
Federico Fabrizzi
Executive Producer
Federico Fabrizzi
Director of Photography
Chris Merry
Principal Cast
Dan O'Meara, Phil Novak, Todd Edwards, Joe Neves Ferreira, Yasuaki Nakajima
Screen Writer
Roberto Roarke

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