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I ZOMBIE, The Chronicles of Pain

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Mark, a botanist, is bitten by a sick woman while on a field trip. He is infected with a virus that makes him crave fresh human meat. On returning to London, he takes a new flat and lives a life of isolation where he can satisfy his need for flesh.

Repulsed by his own violent behaviour, he takes a series of victims, eats them, and disposes of their remains as best he can. As his illness progresses he becomes weaker and more disorientated.

His girlfriend Sarah is shattered by his vanishing, but slowly rebuilds her life with the support of friends.

Mark is obsessed with Sarah and determined to see her again. He anaesthetises and kidnaps her, taking her back to his new flat. He starts to hallucinate and aware of his own volatile condition, returns her safely to live her new life.

He is getting weaker, and after dragging the body of one of his victims, his leg breaks. Unable to seek medical help he screws a metal plate onto the side of his broken leg.

The boundaries between reality and his increasingly disturbing hallucinations become more blurred. The flesh on his face is starting to ulcerate. He can no longer leave the flat.

While masturbating, his decaying penis falls off in his hand. All that remains is to attempt as dignified a death as possible.


Type of film
Running Time
79 mins
16mm Kodak
Andrew Parkinson
Andrew Parkinson, Dean Sipling, Rob Miller
Director of Photography
Rob Miller, Andrew Parkinson
Principal Cast
Giles Aspen, Ellen Softley, Dean Sipling, Claire Griffin
Executive Screenwriter
Andrew Parkinson


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Lost Films
15B Arlington Gardens
London W4 4EZ
Tel: 020 8995 1365


Lost Films
15B Arlington Gardens
London W4 4EZ
Tel: 020 8995 1365