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Jessie and the Elf Boy

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Ciara Menzies

  • Ciara Menzies

    Ciara Menzies


Jessie and the Elf Boy is a family comedy inspired by the Scottish legend of Ghillie Dhu.

One day, the solitary forest elf Ghillie Dhu meets a human child lost in the woods and shows her the way home. In the weeks that follow they develop a special friendship, but then, without warning, the girl is whisked away by her mother never to return. A forlorn Ghillie leaves his peaceful forest world and sets out on a quest to find his friend.

Years later, in the city, Ghillie meets Jessie Macrae, a plucky teenager determined to win favour with her high-flying mother by becoming a renowned hair stylist. When Jessie discovers that Ghillie has a gift for hair styling, they strike up a unique partnership which causes chaos for the manager of the chic hair salon and catapults Jessie to fame. Thanks to Ghillie, Jessie’s dreams are within reach, but will this meeting of two worlds be enough to overcome the deep hurts and fears of broken relationships through the generations?


Type of film
Running Time
84 min
Philip Todd
Matthew Todd, Nathan Todd, Philip Todd, John Walkinshaw, Tom Walkinshaw
Philip Todd
Philip Todd, Matthew Todd, Lindsey Stirling
Director of Photography
Elliot Wallis
Production Designer
Elle Prudence
David Shaw
Principal Cast
Julia Brown, Huck Whittle, Gail Watson

Production status


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Last updated 18th October 2021

Production Company

Fellowship Film
2/1, 162 St Andrews Road
Glasgow G41 1PG
+44 (0)7935 758 029