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It is in 1947. India has been given its independence from British rule. The state of Pakistan, the first state to be created as a homeland for Muslims has been painfully born. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan realizes this great ambition and a year later succumbs to the illness through which he has willed himself to live. He is rushed to the hospital and when the ambulance stalls on the highway his life begins to ebb. In is coma Jinnah relives the dilemmas and triumphs of his life, the drama of his ideals, his romance, his happiness and the tragedy of the death of his wife.

Jinnah tells the dramatic story of the partition of India, the final intrigue and arguments between the Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, Jinnah, Gandhi and Nehru and the mercurial Lady Mountbatten. It takes the handsome young idealist Jinnah on the journey through which his dream of freeing the people of India from the burden and the insult of foreign rule is twisted and tempered by the realities and cruelties of politics. It is the story of a practical visionary who knew that on his word hung the future of a nation, who knew also that such a birth meant a division of a country and of his family, because his only daughter had married an Indian and would remain in India.


Type of film
Running Time
110 mins
Jamil Dehlavi
Akbar Ahmed
Executive Producer
Akbar Ahmed
Jamil Dehlavi, Akbar Ahmed
Director of Photography
Nic Knowland
Nigel Clarke, Michael Csanyi-Wills
Principal Cast
Christopher Lee, James Fox, Maria Aitken, Shashi Kapoor, Richard Lintern, Shireen Shah
Robert Reitano, Paul Hodgson


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