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Julie and the Cadillacs

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It's 1964 and The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are storming the charts all over the world. But, behind them, thousands of young groups like Julie And The Cadillacs are still fighting for success.

London PR man Adam Schneider and his partner Phil Green sign the group to a management contract and promise to make them stars. They move to London, where they meet lots of other music people, and Julie falls in love with songwriter Mike Williams.

It all goes wrong for the band when their first release flops, and Julie turns down Adam Schneider's amorous advances. He is furious and vows that she will never work in the record industry again.

The band is disheartened and penniless. Mike walks out after a row and the Cadillacs go back to Liverpool. Julie stays on in London, working as a waitress in the Rivoli Restaurant.

Ten months later, Adam Schneider's former secretary Babs comes into the restaurant and spots Julie. She offers to try and get her work as a session singer making radio jingles.

In the recording studio a few weeks later Julie is reunited with Mike. Babs get their record away to Holland and the offers start flooding in.


Type of film
Running Time
102 mins
35mm Kodak
Bryan Izzard
Sean O'Mahony
Executive Producer
Sean O'Mahony
Director of Photography
Les Young
Principal Cast
Toyah Willcox, Victor Spinetti, Peter Polycarpou, Tina Russell, Ben Richards
Executive Screen Writer
John Dean


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