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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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Set in a world of bizarre colour and fashion, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is the story of one man's obsession with a beautiful new neighbour that leads to conspiracy and eventually murder. Richard is a science-fiction writer, who works from home. Gradually he becomes obsessed with his neighbour, a woman called Angelica. We see Richard moving from normal desire to becoming psychologically unbalanced when he begins to regulate his life to observe her comings and goings. He starts to photograph her; soon after he begins to follow her. Through deceit and lies, he manages to get close to her flatmate and through her to Angelica. Richard is utterly ruthless in the pursuit of his obsession, eventually leading to triple murder. A twisted and incredible tale of suburban madness and infatuation with the girl next door.


Type of film
Running Time
80 mins
35mm Fuji
Ray Brady
Michael Chomiak
Executive Producer
Michael Chomiak
Director of Photography
Mark Duffield
Principal Cast
Michael Chomiak, Joe Alessi, Nicole Streak and Aiden Shaw
Screen Writer
Ray Brady


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