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Let us Flow

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The isolated mountainous region of Tusheti, in Northeast Georgia, is the site for a reflection on the importance of ritual, the maintenance of community ties, and how modernisation and migration are transforming rural landscapes. Shot over several years, Let Us Flow uses inovative audio-visual techniques to make visible the symbolic and physical division of sacred spaces within the community and offers a nuanced perspective on a culture where ancestral shrines are only accessible to men.
In a verdant mountainous region of Georgia, tradition and modernity intertwine. Carrying on the traditions of their ancestors, the men in the film race on horseback down mountains and across wide, expansive valleys in a performance of masculinity. The filmmaker states, “As the film progresses it becomes a film about distance: the twenty meter distance the Tushetian women have to observe from their shrines, the distance between me and my protagonists, between languages and translation.” Medoidze is never seen in front of the camera, made visible only through her voice. Yet even with this distance between her and her subjects the film, as shot from her perspective, makes for a truly immersive piece of observational filmmaking.


Type of film
Running Time
63 min
4K video
Sophio Medoidze 1st Feature
Sophio Medoidze
Anna Dziapshipa
Executive Producer
Sophio Medoidze
Sophio Medoidze
Director of Photography
Sophio Medoidze, Goga Devdariani
Ivane Gvaradze
Reso Kiknadze

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Last updated 3rd March 2023

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Sophio Medoidze