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Lies We Tell

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Donald, a man in his 50s is a salt-of-the-earth-Yorkshire-man. When his billionaire boss, Demi, dies, Donald is tasked with destroying evidence of his ‘other women’. But Donald doesn’t account for the effect meeting Demi’s hauntingly beautiful 26-year-old mistress Amber will have on him.
Despite trying to keep Amber at arm’s length, Donald has to collude with her to delete a sexy video that would implicate his boss and mean certain death for Amber.
Donald embarks on a journey that leads him face-to-face with Amber’s notorious gangster cousin KD. He discovers Amber was forced to marry KD when they were sixteen, and after being raped by him she risked hell by lying to get an Islamic divorce, leaving both sides of the family devastated.
Now fully qualified as a lawyer, Amber is set to escape to London when the bombshell hits: KD is to marry her naive sixteen year-old sister, Miriam. But soon, we realise it’s part of KD’s twisted plan to win back the love of his life, Amber. The only woman he has ever wanted.
Nursing his own tragic past, Donald is compelled to help Amber, and is dragged deeper into a world of hypocrisy, betrayal and ultimately murder, leaving an honest man broken. Donald snaps.


Type of film
Running Time
108 mins
Digital RAW Source Master - Arri Alexa XT
Mitu Misra 1st Feature
Andy McDermott, Malcolm Scott, Daniel Gulliver
Executive Producer
Mark Platts, Santosh Sivan, Jonathan Rae
Chris Gill
Mitu Misra, Ewen Glass, Andy McDermott
Director of Photography
Santosh Sivan
Production Designer
Jane Levick
Zbigniew Preisner
Principal Cast
Gabriel Byrne, Harvey Keitel, Sibylla Deen, Jan Uddin, Mark Addy, Reece Ritchie, Emily Atack, Gina McKee, Nicholas Farrell
Michelle Smith
Art Direction
Liz Simpson
Costume Design
Adam Howe
Music Supervisor
Gary Welch
Film Image
©Bradford International Film Associates Limited

Production status


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Last updated 5th July 2017

Production Company

Bradford International Film Associates Limited
Malcolm Scott
1207 Thornton Road
BD13 3BE
+44 (0)7931 657705


Bradford International Film Associates Limited
Malcolm Scott
1207 Thornton Road
BD13 3BE
+44 (0)7931 657705