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Little English

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Simmy, a modern Punjabi bride has had an arranged marriage. When her new husband, Raj does a runner after the ceremony, Simmy has no choice but to preserve family honour and start a life without her husband in bleak Britain.
As Simmy tries to understand this new world, Harry, Raj’s wayward younger brother turns up from prison for home detention. Harry, condescending towards his new sister-in-law refuses to play by the rules. Both are imprisoned in the old house with Simmy having difficulty speaking English and Harry refusing to speak Punjabi.
Despite her efforts, nothing seems to unite this dysfunctional family, so Simmy unhappily writes a letter home. When Simmy’s distant relatives turnup, Simmy makes a bargain with her mother-in-law: in return for keeping up appearances, Simmy’s passport is returned and she starts nursing training.
An innocent love story unfolds crossing the boundaries of culture and language. As the search for Raj intensifies, Harry breaks curfew and takes Simmy on a romantic trip. Just as Harry finds the courage to tell Simmy how he feels, Raj returns to uphold his wedding vows. Must Simmy be the forgiving Indian wife that her community expects her to be and accept him?


Type of film
Running Time
98 min
Pravesh Kumar 1st Feature
Dominique Unsworth, Lesley-Anne Macfarlane, Andrew St. Maur
Kam Parmar
Pravesh Kumar
Director of Photography
Leigh Alner
Production Designer
Anand Vijay Kumar
Philip Moroz
Niraj Chag
Principal Cast
Rameet Rauli, Viraj Juneja, Seema Bowri, Madhav Sharma, Goldy Notay, Ameet Chana

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Last updated 25th May 2022

Production Company

Resource Productions CIC
27 Church Street
Slough SL1 1PL
+44 (0)17 5355 3374