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Lookin' For Lucky


Moses and Chalkie are brothers trapped in two very different worlds.

Chalkie never grew up, a childhood accident stopped the clocks for him when he was six, he's got an artist's touch and an eye bordering on genius, but not much else.  Mike the window cleaner is his friend, and has taken him in after one too many beatings from Moses. Mike looks after him and he may have just found a future and a way out of The Heights for young Chalkie, he's just praying Moses doesn't find out before tomorrow when the deal is signed. Tonight, Chalkie is out, just doin' his thing, adding his colours to the bricks and the slabs of Paradise Heights, where everybody is nice apart from his brother.

To most around here, Moses is King of The Heights, his girls know that and so do the punters. The streets are his bloodline. An eye for opportunity and a cold ruthless streak got him to the top around here. But some deals go bad and even Moses answers to someone. If he doesn't come up with what he owes soon, the King will fall. Trouble is the punters aren't biting and the girls are nervous because a serial rapist is doing the rounds. Moses instincts have never let him down though and he knows Mike is up to something. Maybe Chalkie is the answer to his problem. What he doesn't know is the word is already out to take him down tonight.

It's when you think it can't get any worse that luck usually has a part to play, and as the sun goes down over Paradise Heights, worlds start to collide.


Type of film
Running Time
97 mins
Chris Leonard 1st Feature
Jonathan Harris, Chris Leonard
Jonathan Harris, Chris Leonard
David Dubois
Joe O' Byrne
Director of Photography
Jonathan Harris
Production Designer
Clyve Bonelle, Joe O' Byrne, Chris Leonard
Tracy Scott, Ben Gordon
Ryan Farmery, Sharkfin Plectrum
Principal Cast
Clyve Bonelle, Greg Kelly, Donna Henry, Joe O' Byrne, James Foster


Production status


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Last updated 22nd November 2007

Production Company

Albino Injun Limited
10 Winter Street
Bolton BL1 8AZ

T +44 (0)16 2585 0001
M +44 (0)7929 663 087