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Love You More

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Summer, 1978. London.

Georgia sits in a Geography class covering her exercise book with graffiti. Her classmate Peter watches her with longing. Georgia turns and catches him – but ignores his gaze.

After school Peter goes to the local record shop to buy the new Buzzcocks single, Love You More. It's the day of its release and he's desperate to own it. As he's flicking through the rack of 'New Releases' Georgia comes in. She's after the same record.

But there's only one copy. And Peter's got it. Georgia quizzes him on Buzzcocks. She's quietly impressed that this seeming geek knows his stuff. But there's still only one copy. Georgia slips it into Peter's school bag and they hurry out.

In the street she invites him to listen to the stolen record with her. He hesitates and admits he's supposed to be going straight home. Georgia laughs and leads him to her place - a flat above a pub.

They go to her bedroom and listen to the song. It's loud and quick and it ends suddenly. Georgia throws herself at Peter and they devour each other; a frenzy of skin and limbs, the energy of the music propelling them into losing their virginities.

Georgia walks Peter home. Peter wants to know if she'll continue to ignore him at school. Georgia says, 'Don't be poxy'. They kiss, tenderly.

Peter watches Georgia depart. He's madly in love. Georgia walks away from him. A nervous look in her eyes. Perhaps she will never love him more than she did today.


Type of film
Running Time
15 mins
Sam Taylor-Wood
Adrian Sturges
Adrian Sturges
Lisa Gunning
Patrick Marber
Director of Photography
Seamus McGarvey
Production Designer
Alice Normington
Eddy Joseph
Principal Cast
Harry Treadaway, Andrea Riseborough

Production status


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Last updated 19th November 2008

Production Company

Love You More Films Ltd
19 Fleet Road
London NW3 2QR

T +44 (0)20 7284 5588