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In the year 2010, drugs and sexual excesses are the dominant forces that shape the lives of Europe's teenagers, and London and Paris are at the centre of this chemical nation. No child can shelter from this storm of abusive substances and nowhere is this more visible than in the daily lives of Demon and Davi.

Those two teenage girls have embraced drug culture and now spend their days sleeping and using the dark hours to explore life's chemical and sexual possibilities. Young and naïve they have become the possessions of a schizophrenic mentor, Ryu, who whilst saying he loves them, happily sells them into sex slavery. Too messed up on the drugs he gives them to notice that their lives have been stolen, they have accepted this 'vampiric' version of life.

Demon and Davi's illusions are shattered when their friend is sadistically tortured by one of the sex clients, with the knowing permission of Ryu. Horrified, they fail in an attempt to kill their false protector, and have to escape from his raging fury, only to find themselves in a different version of the same reality. This time with an angry Ryu breathing down their necks.

Realising that they carry with them the past they are trying to escape from, they attempt to clean up. An obsessed Ryu finds them. Now back in his clutches, Ryu begins his theatrical and brutal revenge. The hopelessness of Demon and Davi seems complete.

Demon, now clean, is stronger and able to find the courage to attempt a dangerous escape. Finally in control of their destiny, they have a future worth living for.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
Andrea Vecchiato 1st Feature
Rob Mercer
Executive Producer
Leo Pescarolo
Ailo Auguste
Andrea Vecchiato, Isabella Santacroce
Director of Photography
Mark Lebon
Production Designer
Nic Tuft
Simeon Warburton
Simeon Warburton
Principal Cast
Denis Lavant, Maria Mann Papas, Jemeela Mustchin

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Production Company

Dreyco Productions
Unit 2.1, 70 York Way
London N1 9AG

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Blue Star Movies ltd
58 Baldry Gardens
London SW16 3DJ

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