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Alan G. Mather


Zoë Verne is a regular at Club Dis, the city's hottest subculture superclub. But late one evening she leaves distraught, and is set upon by four dark figures. All she hears is a snarl - she's dead before she can scream.

Detective Alex Taylor has it all, but he's losing it fast. His career is on a downward spiral; his fiancée is a stranger to him; and now he's handling Zoë's death - seemingly killed by a wild animal - but the closer he looks, the more the ground falls from beneath his feet.

Forensic evidence shows Zoë was addicted to a drug derived from a fungus called Ergot. During the Dark Ages, whole villages were driven mad by eating infected wheat, giving rise to the myth of the Werewolf. Alex suspects Zoë's death is related to this drug, and that the owner of Club Dis is involved, preying on his clientele, luring them into addiction, prostitution and worse.

The manager tells Alex nothing; but one of the regulars takes Alex in. At first Alex is appalled by the decadence and free expression. But the more Alex experiences, the more he is drawn into this new life.
But more deaths occur, implicating the owner’s female lieutenants - and Alex realises he's in more danger than he'd imagined. Alex returns to Club Dis to bring the owner and his girls to justice, but soon finds himself facing an even greater dilemma than he had ever feared.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
Kevin McDonagh
David Beaumont, Alex Magill
David Beaumont, Alex Magill
Kevin McDonagh, Natalie Gorton
Director of Photography
David Beaumont
Craig Rihoy
Principal Cast
George Calil, Alan Convy, Emily Chugg, Angela Rauscher, Simona Brhlikova, Jason Flemyng, Staten Eliot, Suzanne Collins

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