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Married 2 Malcolm

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For nine years, taxi driver Malcolm has been happily married to two women, Natalie and Norma. Dividing his time between taxi shifts and two wives keeps Malcolm a very busy man!

One day Noddy Holder, pop singer, comes to town - the other guy whom both wives adore. By chance Natalie, a great costume designer, gets to design Noddy's stage outfit and Norma, a superb karaoke singer, gets to perform with Noddy on the big day.

It seems Malcolm's little marital secret is about to be revealed. Each wife wants Malcolm to escort her to the show.

Malcolm tries to avoid his fate, but every plan fails. In desperation he asks crazy Sam Tex for help. Sam's plan is to blow up the theatre before the event so there is no venue.

In his haste to stop the bomb, Malcolm crashes his taxi.

Escaping from hospital he rushes to the concert. Natalie and Norma both grab him - just as the bomb goes off. Everyone escapes - including Malcolm.

Malcolm is chased by the police - and also by his two very angry wives. They close in at the Blackpool Tower. There is only one way out - up he goes.

Where will it end?


Type of film
Running Time
86 mins
35mm Kodak
James Cellan Jones
Marie Hoy, Rainer Bienger
Director of Photography
David Feig
Principal Cast
Mark Addy, Tracey Wilkinson, Josie Lawrence
Executive Screen Writers
Tom Barlow, Denise O'Kelly


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

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