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MEE-SHEE: The Water Giant

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With extraordinary special effects and animatronics from Jim Henson's Creature Shop (Lara Croft 2, Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, Doctor Doolittle, 101 Dalmations), and in the tradition of E.T the Extra-Terrestrial and Free Willy, MEE-SHEE: The Water Giant is the ultimate family adventure movie!
After a helicopter crash in a remote Canadian lake, Sean Cambell (Bruce Greenwood - I, Robot, Thirteen Days), an oil company trouble-shooter is called in with his high-tech mini-submarine to help retrieve a unique drill head. For his disappointed ten-year-old son Mac, the news means postponing yet another Florida vacation with his father. But when they arrive at Mrs Coogan's (Phyllida Law - Emma, Time Machine) guesthouse, Mac soon learns of a legendary creature that supposedly lives in the lake! Utterly intrigued, Mac teams up with a cute little Native-American girl called Pawnee and they go in search of the monster, urged on by the sight of a woman known as 'Crazy Norma' (Rena Owen - The Crow: Wicked Prayer, Once Were Warriors) - throwing whole salmon into the water to 'feed the creature'.
When Mac is trekking through the woods by the lake, he slips and falls in to the water and nearly drowns. Amazingly, he is rescued by something huge, which buoys him up to the surface. Convinced that it was the creature, Mac locates his cave and finally comes face to face with the huge, frightened water giant, MEE-SHEE! And a very special friendship begins.
Within days, a rival oil company arrives in an attempt to steal the drill, and soon these money hungry villains realise that the drill is not the only prize from the lake they need to take home with them. Mac must find a way to save his newfound friend, but first he must convince his father that the creature is real, which is not as easy as he'd hoped.
In a dramatic climax with MEE-SHEE, Mac and his father in grave danger, is there anything else lurking in the lake to come to their rescue?
MEE-SHEE: The Water Giant is an epic family adventure film in the very finest tradition, combined with some of the most magical special effects ever created!


Type of film
Running Time
99 mins
John Henderson
Ken Tuohy
David Yardley, Bill Jones
Barry Authors
Director of Photography
John Ignatius
Production Designer
Chris Wheatly
Andre Jacquemin, Jean-Raphael Dedieu
Pol Brennan
Principal Cast
Bruce Greenwood, Rena Owen, Daniel Magder, Phyllida Law, Luanne Gordon, Jacinta Wawatai
Visual Effects
Jim Henson's Creature Shop (The Henson Company)
Physical Effects Supervisor
Bob Hollow

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