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Merlin 2000

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A young boy is torn from his American roots and comes to live in a strange world where modern science is being used to free ancient foes, renewing a titanic struggle for dominion over the earth.

In ancient times the vast army of the evil sorcerer Mordred (Craig Sheffer) brought the legendary King Arthur Pendragon (Patrick Bergin) and his knights of the Round Table to their knees. In desperation, Merlin, the Wizard (Rik Mayall) used the immense power of Stonehenge to banish Mordred to the Netherworld and consigned Arthur and his knights to a long, dark sleep, promising future generations that Arthur would be on-hand to save the world should Mordred ever escape to threaten it again.

Fifteen hundred years later, Merlin's spell is the subject of legend - and is weakening. Scientist Joan Maxwell (Tia Carrere) is experimenting with the magnetic flows of the Earth, the precise source of Merlin's magic. She has made contact with Mordred and in return for his promise of power and freedom from the ethics that constrain modern science, is using her knowledge to free the sorcerer from his prison.

American teenager, Ritchie Gould is plunged into the ages-old battle when his father dies and Ritchie's mother moves them to her former home in England. When Ritchie arrives, Merlin's spell is already all but destroyed by Maxwell's meddling. Arthur and his knights are aware, fifteen hundred years out of place, and Mordred is preparing to forge a dimensional gate to freedom. The only thing standing between Mordred and success are the ragged loyalties of Lancelot (Adrian Paul) and Guinevere whom Merlin banished along with him.

In a tale of myth, mythology, demons and duels spanning fifteen centuries, the forces of good and evil once more do battle. And at stake is the world as we know it.


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
35mm Fuji
Paul Matthews
Peter H Matthews
Executive Producer
Peter H Matthews
Peter Davies
Paul Matthews
Director of Photography
Vincent Cox
Principal Cast
Rik Mayall, Tia Carrere, Patrick Bergin, Adrian Paul, Craig Sheffer


Production status


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