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The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company


King Arthur has ruled Dumnonia, the South-west peninsula of Britain, after being chosen as the Pendragon, after his defeat of the Saxon sea-wolves, at the Battle of Badon Hill, at the age of sixteen. His elder sister, once the Arch-druidess of Dumnonia, Morgan, consumed with jealousy, plots against the Throne
Many years later, a young nobleman is found, poisoned, on the moors. Brought to the fort town Isca, by Arthur’s warriors, he is revealed to be Mordred, illegitimate son of King Arthur and also the victim of plots by Morgan.
Father and son slowly come to trust one another, and eventually, Mordred, who is well liked by most of Arthur's followers, is chosen as Regent of Dumnonia, as Arthur battles a second Saxon invasion.
A gritty, dark and ultimately tragic tale, Mordred is an Arthurian-era drama, heavily influenced by the earliest legends of Mordred, who is traditionally seen as King Arthur's arch-nemesis, and illegitimate son. This production tells of the legends, from Mordred's point of view.
This drama is set in the 530s, against the backdrop of the Saxon invasions, heavily influenced by Celtic legends and Druidic traditions, and the earliest tales of Arthur, and his followers.


Type of film
Running Time
240 mins
Laura Jay
Laura Jay, Mike Mitchell, Lino Carlino, James Scott,
Michael Mirsadeghi
Laura Jay
Director of Photography
Andy Qualtrough
Chris Barnicoat, Tim Seyfert
Michael Klubertanz
Principal Cast
Rich Sandford, Guillaume Rivaud,

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Last updated 25th January 2017

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The South Devon Players Theatre & Film Company