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Nana is the documentary account of the lives, loves and experiences of four grandmothers as told to their own granddaughters. Filmed against a backdrop as culturally and filmically diverse as England, Palestine, Israel, France and New York, their stories are woven together to expose the rich, universal fabric of family emotions.

In London, Alison opens her story in conversation with her quintessentially English grandmother Kitty. In stark contrast, in Palestine Suheir approaches her grandmother Rashida with the respect due to the matriarch of 100 descendents. Fabienne is in New York, a world apart from Simone. Feeling responsible for her grandmother's imposed isolation, she goes to her in France to confront her guilt. Over in Israel, Ruti reincarnates images from her childhood where her highly spirited grandmother Blanche feeds her 'the moon'.

On one level, Nana questions the idea of 'a common destiny'. How much do we learn from our grandparents? Do we inevitably replicate them or do we simply beat our own paths in life? A many-stranded movie, Nana takes an inside look at who our grandmothers really are.


Type of film
Running Time
96 mins
35mm Fuji
Fabienne Bouville, Alison King, Suheir Ishmail, Ruti Gadish
Alison King, Fabienne Bouville
Director of Photography
Alan James, Hélène Louvart, Ron Katzenelson, Kasim Abid
Principal Cast
Kitty King, Blanche Soury, Rashida Jabir and Simone Levet
Screen Writers
Fabienne Bouville, Alison King, Suheir Ishmail, Ruti Gadish


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