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Night Train

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An old con man is released from jail determined to reform. He just has one more job to do. But from the moment he comes out, Poole is being pursued by a sinister gangland boss to whom he owes money.

Poole finds what he believes is a sanctuary in a suburban house belonging to a domineering old woman, Mrs Mooney, and her emotionally repressed daughter Alice. Here, Poole indulges in a private passion - his huge model train system and he slowly draws Alice into his strange fantasy world.

Their developing love affair is deepened by a mutual need to escape the past. But as the criminal noose is tightened around Poole, he is forced to take flight - with Alice on the real Orient Express. It becomes a journey from romance to nightmare to Venice at carnival time where Poole and Alice are forced to make painful choices between illusion and reality.

Can the con man really rid himself of the habits of the past, even for the love of his life?


Type of film
Running Time
92 mins
John Lynch 1st Feature
Matthew Payne, Mark Vennis
Director of Photography
Seamus Deasy
Principal Cast
John Hurt, Brenda Blethyn
Executive Screen Writer
Aodhan Madden


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