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Nine Nights

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Athletic teen Marcie Haines, and twin brother Michael share an unconditional love, leaving mother Leonore feeling excluded from their intimate world.
On the way to Marcie’s selection race, Michael is hit by a car and killed. Marcie collapses, waking to find her home full of mourners observing ‘Nine Nights’ - a Caribbean mourning ritual to relinquish ties with the deceased. Grief stricken Leonore subsumes her emotions in a whirl of cooking, even as disbelieving Marcie recalls that when Michael hurt his leg, she "felt pain in her leg - the same leg!" Leonore urges Marcie to join the ritual and let Michael go, but she’s adamant – her brother is still alive.
As the nights count down, and the house fills up, Marcie hears Michael's whispers, his footsteps behind her in the streets. Prodigal Aunt Sylvie arrives, and Marcie’s belief she has an ally, is dashed as Sylvie attempts to co-ordinate the funeral, only to be thwarted by an unforgiving Leonore.
Suddenly Marcie comes face to face with Michael- very much alive! Marcie’s apparent paranoia, is the catalyst that exposes and heals old wounds, ultimately enabling her to fulfill the hardest heartbreaking act- letting her brother rest in peace.


Type of film
Running Time
99 mins
Veronica McKenzie 1st Feature
Veronica McKenzie
Liz Webber
Veronica McKenzie
Director of Photography
Rick Stanton
Production Designer
Ruby Todd
James Parkes, Mike Shackleton, Alex Goodwin
Arhynn Descy
Principal Cast
Jo Martin, T'Nia Miller, Mary Nyambura, Malcolm Attobrah,
Film Image
©Bunshri Chandaria

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Last updated 24th September 2018

Production Company

Reel Brit Productions
Veronica McKenzie