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In a time when women were expected to conform, Nora, a spirited young woman who has been abused all her life, has her world changed when she meets raffish young writer James Joyce and the pair succumb to a mutual desire.

Persuading him to start a future together away from Dublin, the couple set up home in Trieste, where their passionate and tempestuous life together begins. Joyce is tormented by a fear his work will never be published, but Nora's simplicity and humour anchor his instability and the couple's relationship is bonded by a direct, deep sexual love.

Joyce's complex, torturous nature leads him to irrationally distrust Nora and his attraction to the theme of betrayal motivates him in his work. Nora, faithful and devout, is the one who is being betrayed - in Joyce's manipulation of her as a fuel for his writing.

Ultimately their love is so strong, so all-consuming, that through the subsequent years of turbulence, of Joyce's obsessive behaviour and Nora's courageous and desperate struggle to save their relationship, from Trieste back to Dublin, their devotion conquers all.


Type of film
Running Time
106 mins
35mm Kodak
Pat Murphy
Guy Collins
Pia Di Ciaula
Pat Murphy, Gerard Stembridge
Director of Photography
Jean Francois Robin
Recordist – Peter Lindsay
Composer – Stanislas Syrewicz
Principal Cast
Ewan McGregor, Susan Lynch, Peter McDonald

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