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Offending Angels

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How would you cope if you were suddenly confronted by your very own Guardian Angel, who could read your mind and would be there to help you sort out your life? This is the question Baggy and Sam have to answer one Summers' day, after yet another night on the town.

'Sam' (Andrew Lincoln - Boston Kickout, Gangster No.1) and Baggy (Andrew Rajan - Loved Up, Savage Hearts) are true mates, intent on having a good time all of the time. All this changes when their respective Guardian Angels, 'Zeke' (Shaun Parkes - Human Traffic, Rage) and 'Paris' (Susannah Harker - White Mischief, Surviving Picasso) turn up. Before being incarnated as humans, Zeke used to be a squirrel and Paris a dolphin. Hardly the best of credentials - All this leaves 'Alison' Sam's platonic best friend, in the dark.

They are all on a journey, overseen by the Angels' Mentors, there to help them succeed. Paris needs to get Sam to rediscover his voice. Zeke has to help Baggy mend a broken heart. But Paris is falling in love with Baggy and Baggy isn't helping matters. Sam feels Baggy is ruining things, Alison thinks Sam wants Paris and in doing so, realises she wants him herself.

Zeke wants to help Baggy and Paris get together, but can't work out the right way. Paris is an Angel and must not fall for Baggy - Or can she? Paris has a choice between this world and the next. Sam has a song to sing to his true love. Alison has only to wait. Baggy must understand what love means and Zeke has to find the right way.

The Mentors look on: 'All will become clear'.


Type of film
Running Time
89 mins
35mm, Optical, Betacam Sp, Digi Beta, Kodak
Andrew Rajan
Stanley Fink
Executive Producer
Stanley Fink
Roger Burgess, Catherine Fletcher
Andrew Rajan, Tim Moyler
Director of Photography
Alvin Leong
Steve Haywood
Martin Ward
Principal Cast
(alphabetically) Susannah Harker, Andrew Lincoln, Shaun Parkes, Andrew Rajan


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Pants Productions Limited
Contact: Andrew Rajan
49 Arnold Road
Bow, London E3 4NU

T 020 8983 1756
F 020 8983 1756


Guerilla Films Ltd.
Contact: David Wilkinson
35 Thornbury Road
Isleworth, Middx TW7 4LQ

T 020 8758 1716
F 020 8758 9364