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Oil in the Blood

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A documentary feature film on the contemporary custom motorcycle culture. It's not a film about motorcycles, it's a film about motorcycle people.
The philosophy of individualism is embedded in motorcycling. Modifying, customising, changing bikes is at the very heart of the biker.
The scene is a paradox where analogue values are promoted through the digital world. A movement that harks back to old school values only made possible through the online portal of social media. Young people are engaging with motorcycling once again. There has been a massive influx of women into motorcycling. Standards of design and engineering continue to surge forward, with better and bolder bikes being created as builders continue to hone their skills and push forward their imaginative boundaries. The manufacturers have engaged with builders, facilitated and collaborated on projects, and helped individual builders direct and fine-tune their small businesses.
We've witnessed a revitalisation of the motorbike. The motorcycling industry has finally started listening to bikers, and the wider motorcycle culture is benefiting. Motorbikes have become cool again.


Type of film
Running Time
124 min
Gareth Maxwell Roberts
Lucy Selwood


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Last updated 29th May 2019

Production Company

Moli Oil Ltd.
Lucy Selwood