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Rhythm & Blues

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In Rhythm & Blues two London worlds collide in a dark and gleaming comic thriller. Beginning in a graveyard, Rhythm & Blues follows the adventures of a Scottish skinhead, Byron and his enigmatic Adonis protégé, John.

The pair are adopted by the male dysfunctional male escort agency, 'Boys Galore', run by the Dickensian duo, Mitzi and Bethsheba, which leads to a surreal encounter with American tycoon Bad Daddy and his courtiers.

Bad Daddy lives in a gothic palace with his love addicted French companion, Jean-Claude (who is also a master of gay marionettes). The house becomes centre-stage for a massive clash of personalities and cultures. Hiding amongst this incongruous group is a serial killer masquerading as an escort and nicknamed by the tabloid press as 'The Rent Boy Ripper'.

The result is a dangerous cocktail of the streetwise and the louche which pushes to the limits the ties of friendship bound by the contradictory forces of love, lust and loot.

Side-stepping political correctness and good taste, Rhythm & Blues is irreverent, high camp, slapstick and totally over-the top mixed with a touch of John Waters, Ealing Comedy and Pedro Almodovar.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
35mm Kodak
Stephen Lennhoff
David Winters
Executive Producer
David Winters
Michael Jones
Director of Photography
Fiona Cunningham-Reid
Diana Ruston
New Songs by
Principal Cast
Angus A. Maciness, Paul Blackthorne, Ian Henderson, Jevon Antoni-Jay, Richard Ritchie, David Glynn Rogers, Phillip Sarturi


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Life on Mars
Contact: Stephen Lennhoff
124 Holland Road
London W14 8BD
Tel: 020 7602 7283


Equator Films
Contact: Steve Turney
484 London Road
Middlesex TW7 4DE
Tel: 020 8659 9556
Fax: 020 8568 4863