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Safety in Numbers

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Jen and her fellow survival contestants Caroline and Lisa sunbathe on a large yacht on their way back to an island for a television reunion show. Jen wakes screaming from a nightmare. Below deck, the show's million-dollar winner ,Nasty Nigel, is relaxing with the other male contestants, Matt and Joe, watching a DVD of the show's highlights. Full of bravado, the lads make jokes about Wesley, an unbalanced and violent contestant who tried to attack the show’s presenter with a machete.

Arriving on the island the contestants are shocked to find the beach house broken into and trashed with the words 'You will all die' written across one wall. Angry and dismissive of what they believe to be a prank by the production crew, the group vote to stay the night and leave the next morning, if the crew doesn’t show up later that day. The next morning they discover their yacht is gone. The group, confused and angry at being manipulated, pair off in search of the yacht. Matt and Lisa find it out in a bay. Matt stays watching the yacht while Lisa returns for the others, who she finds waiting at the beach house. Jen returns claiming to have lost Joe. The others persuade Jen to go with them to get the yacht, then they will look for Joe, but on the way back the group lose Nigel. Lisa leads Caroline and Jen to where Matt and the yacht should be waiting, but both Matt and the yacht are gone. As contestants systematically disappear, stalked by an unknown killer, the group are not sure if they are part of a sick game or who they can trust as they continue to find a way off the island trap and deal with survival.


Type of film
Running Time
88 mins
David Douglas
Michael Douglas, Alan Douglas, Frank Runge
Michael Douglas, Alan Douglas, Frank Runge
David Stiven
David Douglas
Director of Photography
Mark Bliss
Carlo Giacco
Principal Cast
Jessica Napier, Ben Tari, Tasma Walton

Production status


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Last updated 27th January 2006

Production Company

Safety In Numbers Films Ltd
5 Fairmile
Henley on Thames
Oxfordshire RG9


High Point Films and TV
25 Elizabeth Mews
London NW3 4UH