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Saving Grace

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Grace Trevethan's idyllic life on the Cornish coast is turning upside down.

Faced with her husband's untimely death, a mountain of debt, a former mistress and the prospect of losing her beautiful manor house - Grace decides to put her greenfingers to work.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and with a little prompting from her now under-employed gardener Matthew, Grace swaps her price orchids for marijuana. Together they convert her state-of-the-art greenhouse into what she hopes will be their goldmine and salvation.

Valuable as marijuana is, it's not a currency the bank recognises! So Grace leaves the safety of her Cornish village to sell her produce to the menacing underworld of London's Notting Hill.

The pressures of her new found enterprise begin to catch up with her, with gangsters, debt collectors and the police now in hot pursuit.

Will Grace Trevethan, fine upstanding member of the local community turn drug dealer - surely not?

Nigel cole's hilarious, heart-warming comedy drama Saving Grace, is an ensemble film based around a wonderful central performance from Brenda Blethyn and set against a backdrop of some of Britain's most spectacular scenery.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
35mm Fuji
Nigel Cole
Cat Villiers, Xavier Marchand
Alan Strachan
Director of Photography
John De Borman B.S.C.
John Midgley
Original Score composed by Mark Russell
Principal Cast
Brenda Blethyn, Craig Ferguson, Martin Clunes, Tcheky Kario
Executive Screen Writers
Mark Crowdy, Craig Ferguson


Production status


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Production Company

Rich Pickings
Contact: Mark Crowdy
167 Wardour Street
London W1V 3TA
Tel: 020 7468 3400
Fax: 020 7468 3455


Portman Enterntainment Ltd
Contact: Gary Mitchell
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