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Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

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Part erotic lyric video, part theme park from hell.
The film is essentially a lyric video that tells the tale of a traumatic event through the use of text, animation and sound. The film includes various overwhelming surreal, hyper-saturated environments, beginning with a cliched CGI animation of a flower opening against a perfectly kitsch blue sky. The world then morphs into a hand-shaped planet that in some way resembles a Theme Park. Debunking the white middle-class American family, the amusement park becomes a place of hell. Sounds are amplified and screams of excitements are modified to become screams of pain. With a nod to the excess of meme culture, additional muffled, tinny sounds of Instagram clips play throughout the background on a continual loop, beginning and ending abruptly, resembling the longevity of a ten-second Instagram story. Within the film there is a prevalent sense of slippage, the text begins to get lost as you get distracted by the alluring campiness of the background visuals. Due to this fleeting time with the text, the reader ends up constructing the already written tale themselves, creating their own constructed translation of an already fractured story. The text itself is a mix of erotic and confessional writing, discussing the complexity that is inherent in a gay man's lust. Conjoining sexual fantasy with the prospect of failure, the text flips between the distinctions of reality and the delusion of erotic imagination. Containing themes of anger, desire and trauma, the text is both fictional and autobiographical.


Type of film
Running Time
3 min 32 sec
Benjamin Parsons
Benjamin Parsons

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Last updated 14th March 2021

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Benjamin Parsons
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