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Second Generation

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The story is set in London in the present day. A young Chinese girl (Lili) runs away from an arranged marriage in Hong Kong and comes to London in search of rock-idol Bobby Gillespie.

She finds his flat but he's recently moved. An Indian commercials director (Jamal) answers the door and seeing the lost look on Lili's face, invites her up for coffee. He takes a liking to Lili, casting her in a tampon commercial and adopts her as his muse - until his Muslim family finds out.

Drawn in by the music and fashion of London's Asian subculture but with no experience of living abroad, Lili stumbles from one cultural faux pas to another until a young, inexperienced Japanese detective living in London (Go) is assigned by her father to track her down.

Her short attention-span and inability to stick to one style or boyfriend for more than ten minutes leave him weaving in and out of London's East End searching for clues.

The longer he looks for her, the more he falls under her spell until finally, he must choose between turning her in and keeping his business or falling in love.

Ravi, the middle-aged owner of a popular Muslim tea-shop in the area, becomes a central figure in bringing the lost souls together in this deadpan detective comedy celebrating the youthful energy of multi-cultural London.


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Shane O'Sullivan
Jack Kellett, Shane O'Sulliavan
Kavi Pujara, Brian Saunderson
Director of Photography
Mark Duffield
Craig Rihoy
Principal Cast
Hanayo Glenewinkel, Shigetomo Yutani, Nitin Ganatra, Saeed Jaffrey
Screen Writer
Shane O'Sullivan

Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Second Generation Films
Contact: Shane O'Sullivan
Suite 10, 62 Cheshire Street
London E2 6EH
Tel: 44 207 613 5514


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