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Social Work

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John Stow


One Night. Two Cloakroom Attendents. Three Bouncers. Four Bar Staff.
Five Hours of Madness!

Every weekend the streets surge with crowds looking for love, music and oblivion.

Social Work is about the people who provide it to them -- those faceless heroes whose Monday morning is other people's Friday night. It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.

The film takes place over one Saturday night shift in a seedy nightclub and centres on Lee and Andy, who run the cloakroom. The club is the kind that people go to in every city and town all over the country.

Andy and Lee are the Cloakroom Attendants, having worked there for the longest anyone has ever managed to, ruling it like their own little cubby-hole of a kingdom. It is their world. Everyone who enters the nightclub, almost invariably has to go through the ritual of leaving in their coats and unwanted belongings under the care of Andy and Lee. Under the ever-watching eye of the arrogant, slimey Club-owner Barry, they do their best to have a great night and make a little extra dosh with their cloakroom scams.

The Staff and Clubbers find themselves intertwining, as each life has an unexpected impact on another.

Lee and Andy find that their little cloakroom is a centre-point for many unforeseeable developments as they transpire throughout the night.


Type of film
Running Time
88 mins
Declan Reynolds 1st Feature
Conor Hipwell, Declan Reynolds, Simon Hubbard
Owen McArdle
Declan Reynolds
Director of Photography
John Biggins
Production Designer
John Stow
Danny Mahoney, Ross Chenery
Paul Miro

Production status


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Last updated 16th October 2006

Production Company

Cartway Productions (Ireland)

T +353 87 9212129 (Irl)
T+44 (0)7792 532 247 (UK)