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Soldiers of the Damned

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Soldiers of the Damned Ltd


It’s the Eastern Front, 1944. The Russians are pushing the German Army back through Romania. Major Kurt Fleischer, war-weary commander of an elite troop of German soldiers, is ordered to escort a female scientist, Professor Anna Kappel, into a mysterious forest behind enemy lines.
He is not told the objective of the mission only that he take her to a set of coordinates deep within the forest. Fleischer doesn’t like it but his orders are signed by Reichsführer Himmler himself. It will mean death if the mission fails; for him and his men.
He likes it even less when he learns that Professor Kappel is from the Nazi Occult Department and Heinrich Metzger, a psychotic SS Major will be accompanying them in order to ensure the mission is completed as instructed.
As they move deep into the forest Fleischer is unable to prevent his men from dying in horrific and inhuman ways. Fleischer realises that there is something in the trees that is far more deadly than the Russians. If his troop is not to be completely wiped out Fleischer needs to discover what Anna wants at those coordinates and who or what is intent on slaughtering them before they get there.


Type of film
Running Time
99 mins
Hi Definition Digital
Mark Nuttall
Stephen Rigg, Nigel Horne
David Fisher
Nigel Horne
Director of Photography
James Martin
Production Designer
Tabatha Quitman
Dillon Bennett
Principal Cast
Gil Darnell, Miriam Cooke, Nicky Bell, Tom Sawyer

Production status


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Last updated 1st April 2015

Production Company

Viking Film and Television
Nigel Horne
+44 (0)7971 298152

Blackdog Productions
Stephen Rigg