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Think you know the London club scene?

Think again.

Justin Dawson is twenty-six and a successful London lawyer. He lives in a spectacular bachelor pad and has a beautiful girlfriend. Carl is Justin's twenty-four year old brother. He's a downtrodden Scunthorpe lawyer and he lives in a terraced house with his mother. When Justin dies in a tragic accident, Carl travels down to London to collect his brother's belongings. Leaving his mother and grey, mundane life behind, Carl finds he likes the thrills, the pretty girls and the London life that his brother had.

Once he digs deeper into his brother's affairs, Carl discovers a side to Justin, far from the affluent corporate lawyer he secretly envied. After meeting Justin's eclectic mix of friends, Carl's eyes are opened to the club scene that his brother was very much a part of. Sunny, Justin's beautiful, classy girlfriend, also discovers a hedonistic side to his life that she never figured in.

Carl and Sunny grow closer and together they share memories of Justin and his pipe dream of getting away from it all. When Tiffany, a tough but troubled ex-model, arrives on the scene, she seems to know more about Justin that she's letting on. Tiffany lives with the sinister and totally eccentric Damian, who runs the raves and supplies the drugs - the drugs that Tiffany uses to tempt Carl away from Sunny.

Damian is the arch manipulator and is only interested in masterminding Tiffany's seduction of Carl and his own seduction of Sunny. Tiffany is soon revealed as a pawn in Damian's game. As they're drawn into a dangerous underground web of blackmail and deceit, Carl and Sunny realise they're in too deep and Carl is forced to question how far his perfect brother was involved and whether his death was really an accident.


Type of film
Running Time
99 mins
35mm Kodak
Alexander Jovy
Alexander Jovy, Steve Clarkhall
Justin Kirsh
Nick Villiers
Director of Photography
Mike Southon BSc
Bjorn Schroeder
Guy Farley
Principal Cast
Matthew Rhys, Sienna Guillory, Tim Curry, Jason Donovan, Fay Masterson, Stephen Marcus, Sebastian Knapp, Gina Murray


Production status


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Last updated 17th December 2009

Production Company

Jovy Junior Enterprises Ltd.
Alexander Jovy

T +44 (0)7802 251 001


Jovy Junior Enterprises Ltd.
Alexander Jovy

T +44 (0)7802 251 001