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Sound for the Future

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© The Hippies Film Ltd/Michele Dillon

  • © The Hippies Film Ltd/Michele Dillon

    © The Hippies Film Ltd/Michele Dillon


The Hippies were a bizarre English punk band formed in '79 by the Hulse children, Toby (12), Matt (11) and Polly (8). Their cassette album 'A Sound for the Future' featured songs about disease, assassination and the Antarctic.
"Stop eating toast & singeing your legs by the gas fire. Get up & do something!" (Ruth Pendragon, Mother, Manager, Guru)
1979. The Hippies performed ticketed live shows for their mother’s kindly but chaotic group of Cambridge friends; the homeless, drunks, animal rights activists, junkies, cross-dressers and gay Franciscan Friars.
The Hippies then and now. What truly happened back in the past and whose side of the story should be told? Especially as the film’s director was the bands’ 11-year-old drummer? Matt’s mum, Ruth, maverick, mystic, manager, plays a pivotal role in the bigger picture, offering an insight into a time of personal and social upheaval, both for her and her family in Thatcher’s Britain.
Using music of the period, archive, animation and poetic reimagining’s of key moments, Matt Hulse explores a part-remembered, kaleidoscopically fractured, family history, through an energetic, jarring, ride; part performance, part art, part process, post-punk.


Type of film
Running Time
102 min
4K, 2K, Super 8mm
Matt Hulse
Ashley Horner, Aimara Reques
Aconite Productions
Executive Producer
Mark Thomas, Paul Ashton
Nick Currey
Matt Hulse
Director of Photography
Ian Dodds
Production Designer
Victoria Brown
Cameron Mercer, Bartek Baranowski
Simon Fisher Turner
Principal Cast
Jamie Haughey
Featuring Music From
XTC, Gang of Four, Sleaford Mods, The Stranglers, Ought, Generation Riot, Doug Champion, Cheap Fags, The Hippies

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Production Company

Pinball Films Ltd/ The Hippies Film Ltd
5 Charlotte Square
2nd Floor
Newcastle upon Tyne
+44 (0)7971 243909