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Toby Merritt


Disillusioned, middle class accountant Tom (Steven Mackintosh) has lost everything, including the will to live. In the back streets of London he searches for a gun. When he meets D (Ashley Walters), a homeless drug addict, Tom thinks he can buy what he needs without getting his hands dirty. But what D's offering comes with more than just a price tag.

In a derelict warehouse, the transaction is underway. But D stalls, he is loving the rarity of a captive audience for his incessant, high-octane chatter. Elsewhere, local crime Kingpin Hoodwink (Andy Serkis) explodes with anger. He has been robbed in his own home, and he wants the culprit and his property back - now.

Bursting into the warehouse, Hoodwink is quick to lay into D with the beating of a lifetime. Tom intervenes, and for his efforts, he too, receives a savage beating from Hoodwink.

Desperate for his life, D points the finger at three others. Hoodwink leaves to continue his rampage elsewhere, but both D and Tom know it's only a matter of time before Hoodwink discovers the truth about the gun - and returns to find it, and them.

With the impending threat of Hoodwink on their backs, D and Tom play an intense game of cat and mouse, scrambling to cut a deal and make sense of the very lives they may be about to lose .


Type of film
Running Time
90 mins
Gary Love 1st Feature
Arvind Ethan David, Michael Riley, Oliver Milburn, Ben Dixon, Matthew Justice, Rachel Connors
Peter Davies
Dominic Leyton
Director of Photography
Daniel Bronks
Production Designer
Caroline Story
Principal Cast
Steven Macintosh, Ashley Walters, Andy Serkis

Production status


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Last updated 30th August 2007

Production Company

Slingshot Studios
Ealing Studios
Ealing Green
London W5 5EP

T+44 (0)20 8758 8422