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Sunset Heights

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A city in Ireland, near future. An uneasy peace has hung over the city for a number of years now. Law and order is maintained by two rival gangs, the Boilermen and the Westies. Between them they rule the city.

Luke Bradley is an ordinary citizen who has avoided being involved with either of the gangs, until his child is murdered, the latest in a series of child killings which have swept the town. Each side has been affected by these deaths. Bradley is approached by Friday Knight, the leader of the Westies, to broker a deal with the Boilermen, to join forces and find the culprit.

Local rumour and whisper lead both gangs to Sam Magee, an old Preacher and religious recluse. The Preacher, pleading his innocence, is taken to Sunset Heights, a pagan stone circle, where the Druids once performed magical rites to their God of the Sun. There he is tried, executed and buried. Normality returns.

When another child goes missing, accusations fly between both sides. Following sightings of the Preacher around town the gangs go together to dig up the grave and find to their horror the body has vanished. Terror and suspicion sweeps through the gangs. No one can be trusted. Bradley is caught in the middle as he desperately tries to find the murderer before everyone is destroyed.


Type of film
Running Time
97 mins
Colm Villa
James Flynn
Executive Producer
James Flynn
Director of Photography
Roger Bonnici
Principal Cast
Toby Stephens, Jim Norton, Patrick O'Kane
Screen Writer
Colm Villa


Production status


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