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The Big Swap


In the style of sex, lies and videotape, The Big Swap is a controversial adult, character-driven drama dealing with love, passion, obsession and sex. With a mixture of drama, humour and romance the story revolves around the exploits of a group of twentysomething couples; Eve and Julian, Ellen and Jack, Fi and Michael, Liz and Hat, and Sydney with her constant parade of boyfriends. After many good years of close and comfortable friendship, they now feel as safe and secure together as possible. One drunken night, a new idea is broached, to take their relationship one step further; partner swapping.

At first it is good fun; they think they can handle it. But it is all too late when they realise the profound effect it has had on them all; as individuals, as couples, as lovers, and as friends.

Fi's disillusionment forces her to evaluate her true feelings, leading to a shocking self-discovery which has an irreversible impact on her relationship with Michael. Julian's desire to indulge in ever-stranger sexual activities begins to alienate Eve, to the extent that she seeks love and attention elsewhere. Sydney's latest attempt at a successful relationship turns sour when her boyfriend Sam proves to be an old flame of Ellen's - one who she will never forget and whose return threatens to destroy her marriage to Jack. Hal's hidden jealousy over the sharing of his wife, his irrational obsession with Michael's prowess and his misplaced devotion to his last swap partner Eve, will lead to an act that threatens the future of the Crowd and puts the future of every relationship at stake.

The Big Swap paints an emotive and erotically charged picture of people caught in events that move swiftly beyond their control... events that take them to the extremes of human emotions... ones that will change their lives forever.


Type of film
Running Time
117 mins
Niall Johnson
Ian Scorer
Executive Producer
Ian Scorer
Director of Photography
Gordon Hickie
Principal Cast
Kevin Howarth, Alison Egan, Jackie Sawaris and Thierry Harcourt
Screen Writer
Niall Johnson


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

Moonlit Pictures
26 Saxby Close
Avon BS21 7YF

T +44 (0)1275 878421
F +44 (0)1275 341506


Mayfair Entertainment International
110 St Martins Lane
London WC2N 4AD

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