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The Billion Dollar Spy

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The true story of a man who became the Pentagon’s most valuable spy during the last years of the Cold War. Despite numerous rejections by a cautious CIA on the lookout for undercover KGB agents, Adolf G. Tolkachev, the chief designer at the USSR’s Research Institute of Radio Engineering, handed over tens of thousands of pages of highly classified documents to the USA.
Tolkachev quickly became the crown jewel of the CIA’s spy network, though in return, his greatest ask was for gifts for his son. For years, Tolkachev and his handler successfully eluded the KGB in its own backyard, until the day came when a shocking betrayal put them all at risk.


Type of film
Amma Asante
Akiva Goldsman
Executive Producer
Greg Lessans, Naia Cucukov
Ben August

Production status


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Last updated 22nd March 2018

Production Company

US, UK coproduction

Walden Media (US)