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The Blue Summer

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Described by The Independent as a "millennial British version of Chris Marker's Sunless", Blue Summer is an experimental film about the doomed love affair between a writer and his conceptual artist lover. An unseen narrator guides us through the story, describing how he unearthed a pile of letters and fragments of a novel in an abandoned trailer in the countryside. Slowly, these fragments come to life, revealing how the writer's paranoid fantasies provoke a psychological meltdown.

Exploring a number of contemporary concerns - the media, modern art, digitalisation, modernism, ecology - the film experiments with filmic genres and uses image and sound to mirror the writer's descent into madness. Writer-director John Sergeant, who has made over 30 documentaries for both the BBC and Channel 4, shot the film over five years on a tiny budget. "I wanted to make a film on my own terms rather than going through the commissioning process, which I know can completely change a writer-director's original idea," says Sergeant.
That uncompromising approach has won the film fans around the world. Following its premiere at last year's Sheffield International Documentary Festival, it was invited to London, Rotterdam, Zanzibar and Ankara, and has also enjoyed special screenings at arthouse cinemas around the UK, all as a result of word of mouth.


Type of film
Running Time
2 hrs 5 mins
Betacam Sp, DigiBeta
John Sergeant
John Sergeant
Executive Producer
John Sergeant
Director of Photography
John Sergeant
John Sergeant
Principal Cast
Nicola Walker, Barney Kaye


Production status


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Last updated 26th November 2005

Production Company

John Sergeant
39 Herne Hill House
Railton Road
London SE24 0EF

T 020 7737 6867