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The Emperor's Wife


In a distant land the law dictates that the Emperor must take a new wife if his current Empress does not bear a son within seven years of marriage. On the night of their sixth wedding anniversary, the Emperor summons the Chamberlain, his loyal servant and confidant. The two men begin the covert operation to find and prepare a virgin candidate who might become the new Emperor's Wife.
A beautiful virgin who is sold by her mother, Sabah, is secretly transported by the Chamberlain into an isolated wing of the Imperial Palace. In this prison of fairytale rooms furnished with Imperial gifts, Sabah is tutored by the Imperial Masters. The Emperor and Chamberlain secretly keep an eye on Sabah's progress, but Sabah's violent protests nearly sabotage the entire operation. The Chamberlain, falling in love with Sabah, enters the secret wing to win her affection. Quite a sacrifice: in order to safeguard Sabah's virginity, any man entering the secret wing must become a eunuch. Also, the law claims that if the current Empress conceives a child within the next year, everyone in this secret wing must be executed.
The Empress discovers this conspiracy against her and the only way to save her life is playing the Emperor and the Chamberlain off against each other.


Type of film
Running Time
97 mins
35mm, Kodak
Julien Vrebos
Spice Factory, Terras CVA
Mark Bynens
Paul Ruven
Director of Photography
Tony Malematenios
Michael Lax
Maxton Beesley, Jeremy Meehan
Principal Cast
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Max Beesley, Rosanna Pastorn, Leticia Dolera


Production status


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Last updated 7th September 2006

Production Company

The Emperor's Wife BV
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First Look International
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