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The Jealous God

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A pacy adaptation of the best-selling novel by John Braine, who made his name with the classic Room At The Top. The book changed the course of British literature and was made into a highly-successful film that did much the same for the British film industry.
An industrial town in Yorkshire during the mid-1960s.
Vincent Dungarven's mother wants him to be a Roman Catholic priest and he half thinks that he has the vocation. He is a reserved young man, a schoolmaster, and at thirty has never been in love with a woman. When he does fall in love, he falls passionately for Laura, who is not only erotically attractive but intelligent, open, and warm - everything he has longed for but never found.

Vincent's brother Matthew has a drink problem and his wife Maureen is frustrated and unhappy. When Vincent brings Matthew home drunk one night after they have been out to the pub, he resists Maureen's sexual provocation.
As the twists of fate intensify and his dilemma grows, Vincent finds living with his mother intolerable. When it is too late ever to recover his old detachment, he discovers that unless he is prepared to break away from his church, he cannot cross the emotional barrier that stands between Laura and himself. As the film reaches an emotionally-charged climax, he finds his world has been shaken to its foundation in the pursuit of passionate love and another man's life destroyed so that he can get it.
Second feature from North Country Pictures, a Yorkshire/ Lancashire based production company committed to resurrecting classical methods of storytelling and bringing to an international audience top quality stories that reflect the history, culture, and literature of the Pennine region past, present, and even future.


Type of film
Running Time
92 mins
35mm, Fuji
Steven Woodcock
Julie Woodcock
Executive Producer
Julie Woodcock
Heidi Steine
Steven Woodcock
Director of Photography
Gordon MacGregor
Michael Hammer
Principal Cast
Jason Merrells, Denise Welch, Mairead Carty, Andrew Dunn, Pamela Cundell, Marcia Warren, Judy Flynn, William Ilkley, Roy Walker


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