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The Little Unicorn

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In this story of magic and adventure, tomboy, Polly Regan (Brittney Bomann) is an orphan and her grandfather (David Warner) has made a home for her on his farm. Her life is happy, though, unconventional, but Polly is heartbroken when she learns that her favourite mare may also die giving birth. Polly wishes with all her heart for the King of Horses, to intervene and save her mare and the foal, but her wishes seem to go unanswered and the mare dies.

Polly is devastated until she sees the foal. The little creature is a real, honest-to-goodness baby unicorn, a magical creature created by state-of-the-art animation effects. It totters its way into Pole's hart and into the affections of her grandfather.

Pole's Aunt Lucy (Emma Samms) doesn't know what to think, either about the unicorn or about her niece's upbringing on the farm. She is certainly not prepared for the uproar that arises when a photograph of the unicorn appears in the local newspapers. The farm is inundated with sightseers.

Her policman fiancé (Christopher Atkins) has trouble keeping the sightseers in check and not everyone is a well wisher.

When Polly is sent away to school by her Aunt, there is no one to protect the unicorn from those who mean harm.

George Hamilton is one such person. He plays The Great Allanso, a magician whose life has run out of magic. His tricks are old and his jokes are jaded. Allanso believes that if he can steal the unicorn's horn, he can steal the unicorn's magic. Aided and abetted by his ever patient, ever suffering assistant, Maisie (Julie Hartson), Allanso is determined to get his hands on the foal . . .


Type of film
Running Time
100 mins
35mm Fuji
Paul Matthews
Elizabeth Matthews
Executive Producer
Elizabeth Matthews
Peter Matthews
Paul Matthews
Director of Photography
Vincent Cox
Richard Sprawson, Nico Louw
Mark Thomas
Principal Cast
Joe Penny, Emma Samms, David Warner, Chritopher Atkins, Brittney Bomann, Big Mick, George Hamilton


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